Just Do It

Posted by on Mar 13, 2011 in In Process | 1 comment

One of the only useful pieces of advice Charlie Sheen has indulged all of us with was the quote, “Nike’s slogan doesn’t say just try it, Just Do It.”  I think that’s a good slogan for life, I just wish it would have come from a more respectable source.

This past week I continued with my half marathon training.  With officially less than one month to go, I continued increasing both my weekly mileage and the mileage on my long distance run. 

The long run is up to 8.5 miles now, and I think I may try to jump to 10 miles next weekend.  I felt great on the run, but hit a wall at about 7 miles.  So far I haven’t been running with a water belt and energy packets, but I think I may begin next weekend and hopefully that will help me clear that 7 mile wall.  The run took me 1 hour 15 minutes, with an average pace of 9 minute miles!  I was so suprised and pleased with my time, but I think I may try and force myself to slow it down to help boost endurance. Maybe I won’t hit the wall if I run slower?

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  1. For training it’s always fine to run slower-the important thing is the be able to get the distance under your belt. I felt like a major dork running with my belt but it did come in handy!

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