My Five Places to Visit in 2011

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Fortunately or unfortunately we are buying a house this year.  I say fortunately because if I have to rent a place that I can’t make ‘my own’ again I might go insane.  I say unfortunately because the down payment will limit our travel budget for 2011.  I had high hopes of Europe, Peru, Calif0rnia, and Aspen (of course) a few times.  But with limited expenses, I need to narrow that list a bit and maybe focus on some less lofty destinations closer to home.

I’m sorry but I can’t let go of this one.  Aspen is where my heart is when it’s not in Naples (about half of my week).  I go through what I like to call Aspen withdrawal (this is a very serious disease) if I go more than a year without revisiting.  It’s something that can’t be explained, but it’s the only beneficial addiction I know.  Aspen makes me feel alive, reinvigorated and fresh.  This is number one on my list this year and will be number one on every list for years to come.
Approximate date of departure:  First weekend of June

Pittsburgh/Las Vegas
*Note – I love my sister* These are required trips.  As our with many weddings, there are events that involve destinations.  These two are not my favorite (unless the Vegas trip involves a short day-trip to the Grand Canyon which this does not), but I’m going to make the best of it.  There has to be some historical gem that can unleash a passion for the cities I have never had.  Or maybe I’ll come home from Vegas with a few extra thousand dollars to fund my next trip Smile
Approximate date of departure:  Pittsburgh – third weekend of April, Las Vegas- Memorial Day Weekend

Another required trip and my hometown city for a number of years, this is the first time in a long time I’ve been excited to make the trip back.  I think sometimes in order to truly appreciate an environment you need to leave – in Philadelphia’s case for a while, a long while.  I plan on doing a little sight seeing, something I’ve actually never done in the city before.  Philadelphia hosts a breadth of historical sights and keys to our countries past.  Also, I plan on doing some eating – no, not Pat’s and Geno’s but I’m hoping to dine at Vetri (a James Beard nominee) and a few other foodie type venues.
Approximate date of departure – Fourth of July weekend (ironically)

Living in Florida there is really no excuse to frequent the islands at least once a year.  We always take at least one trip to the Bahamas, but its too frequent that I don’t even count it anymore (I know, poor me).  I’d really like to jump on a last minute deal on either a southern or western Caribbean cruise departing from Miami, staying as far away from Mexico as possible.
Approximate date of departure – Late July/Early August

Call it the rigors of the industry, but I need to make a trip to wine country at least once a year (again, I know, poor me).  This year we’re attending a harvest party in Napa Valley and plan to hit up Sonoma County for at least a few days as well.  What my goal is, is to add a few days to the front end of the trip and fly into L.A. do the drive up through Santa Barbara to spend a few days in Pinot Country before the harvest party.  After the wine trip, I’m planning on spending at least a day in Golden Gate city (I would love to go to Alcatraz) and fly home from San Francisco.  Crossing fingers that we can make this extension happen, the timing isn’t great as its just entering our busy, business season in Naples.
Approximate date of departure – First weekend of October


  1. Wow these look like great destinations. Definitely let me know how visiting SF looks for you, I can give you some great tips!

  2. I will do! I would love some tips of things I should do/see in a 24-48 hour trip…would you mind sending some to

  3. That sounds great! I’ll send you an e-mail this week!!

  4. With my new job I don’t have any vacation this year :( so LOTS of weekend trips…like this weekend to Myrtle Beach, July 4th to the NC Mtns and Labor Day to Asheville, NC. BUT I’m already making plans to visit Park City, UT next Winter-I’ve never gone skiing and I’ve never been out west (Unless you count Vegas and I don’t).

    But buying a house is an adventure all of its own!

    • I love the NC mountains! At least you are making time to get out of town even with no vacation time. Utah is amazing, you’ll love it and the snow is just unbelievable and so powdery, you’ll feel like a little kid! And I don’t count Vegas either.

      I’ll keep you updated on the house thing, definitely an adventure…

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