#57: Pose like Rocky in Front of the Art Museum

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#57: Pose like Rocky in Front of the Art Museum

Visiting the city of Brotherly Love (and the city I grew up in) I decided to get some items checked off the bucket list that should have been accomplished a long time ago. It’s funny when you grow up in a place you take it for granted and never appreciate what surrounds you. My husband and I both came to despise Philadelphia after years of living/working there, maybe it was the smog, the people or perpetual rain. But we never appreciated what it had to offer. All in the last five years we’ve seen the Betty Ross house, walked the historic streets, and now visited the Art Museum.

As for my 57th goal, “pose like Rocky,” I made a slight adjustment. I just couldn’t do it. After watching tourist upon tourist strike the pose and look completely ridiculous, I thought maybe a better item would be to simply take a picture on the steps and then go explore the museum for a bit? Best decision I made all weekend.

The first Sunday of every month (when we visited), the Art Museum asks you to ‘pay what you wish.’ We gladly forked over the full retail price (only $16 pp) and went on our way to explore. We stumbled through exhibits of Monet, Picasso, Homer, ancient Asian ruins and even some old armory. The building was as magnificent as its exterior, a true work of art in itself. Al and I discovered that maybe our passion for history – also lends itself to an appreciation of art. We decided that we are fans of European works, American landscapes and surprisingly architecture and furniture! We are not fans of contemporary exhibits (can someone explain how a urinal is art?) and no matter how many times I look at a Picasso painting, I still don’t get it.

After browsing for over 3 hours (yes 3 hours!) we discovered so much we didn’t know about the art world and about ourselves. All in all, I’m glad we made our game time decision and left the rest of the Rocky impersonators on the stairs.

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  1. Haha, yeah I think I’d only be able to do the pose if no one was around to see me. But what a great museum, even the interior w/ that grand staircase is incredible.

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