Where in the world is Jess?

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I admit it, this blogging thing (personally + a business blog) is definitely not easy and for the faint of heart and mind. As life moves faster and faster and I take on more and more I feel even too exhausted to write a simple post about what I’m enjoying out of life. To inspire myself to focus more on the site, accomplish my goals, and keep my sanity I’m going to start keeping the posts shorter with more pictures.

So what have I been up to?

Business: Al and I are working on two new business completely separate from Decanted, one is to open very soon (within a matter of weeks!) We’re also opening a new office/warehouse exclusively for online sales and launching a second website (also very, very soon).

Education: I passed my second level WSET (Wine & Spirit Education Trust, UK) with flying colors, they call it with ‘distinction’ in England. I’m working on level three now and let me tell you it’s no cake walk. Test is in November and to be honest I’m worried.

Writing: I just broke into the first sentences of my first book that I will be co-authoring with my sister (co-blogger on Decanted Wines), the goal is to be a fun and helpful book for women in their 20′s. Our goal is to finish by the end of the year, with an online published version due out early next.

Speaking/Presentations: Thanks to my wonderful husband it looks like I’ve landed my first seminars outside of Decanted. More on that in a few weeks…

Travel: We just returned from 2+ weeks in California (Central Coast, Napa, Sonoma, San Fran) and I’m even more in love than I was during the last trip. Also just got back from Ohio for a long weekend and Al’s first trip to THE Ohio State University. Miami this weekend and again in 2 weeks with the Jersey Shore and Bahamas also on the docket.

Physical Challenges: Just started training again for my next race, this one is in early January a Ragnar relay from Miami to Key West. It’s a 12-person team event with each runner responsible for three different legs totaling anywhere between 12 and 20 miles. If all goes well I plan on a second half marathon in February and the possibility of a full marathon in the Spring. Then I retire from running. I’ve also been much more into yoga recently, practicing Vinyasa weekly. My next goal in the class is to get the tea-pot stance.


  1. Wow….you definitely are busy.

    The way I see it…with life list blogs you are either not posting because you haven’t been productive with your list, or you are so busy crossing things off your list that you have no time to post. I think you are doing better of the two.

    • I love your theory! Very true as well, there are only so many hours in a day, unfortunately :(

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