My Story

My sisters summed it up in their maid of honor speech at our wedding. It went something like this, “Jess met Al and we thought they would settle down, then she quit her job and moved across the country…In Aspen they were finally happy and we thought they would settle down and then they decided to take off on wild road trip…And finally they moved to Florida to settle down, until they decided to start their own business…”

But my life wasn’t always like how they described.  I followed the path that my life was ‘suppose’ to take as many of the people around me had illustrated.  Go to college, get a job, get a house, settle down.  I was not an adventurer and not much of a traveler if it didn’t include a spa. Then came Al (my husband) and Aspen (the town), shortly followed an obsession with traveling, adventure, completing goals I never thought possible.

I began to abhor the concept of ‘settling down.’  To me, my life is like my list of goals – ever evolving and changing – I’m not settled because I’m not done.  So hence the name, “The Unsettled Life” which I hope holds true for many years to come.